“With an active, chaotic family, we were anxious to sell our house with a minimum of showings. We gave Jan complete discretion over how our home should be staged, and she didn't overlook a single detail - she rearranged furniture, purchased houseplants, and even told us how to hang the hand towels, all with a healthy dose of charm, respect, and humor. We sold our home the first day it was on the market. Working with Jan was a pleasure - and it definitely paid off.”

-Tricia B.


"Thank you so much for "making over" my home. I loved that you used everything...except the fake trees, that I already had and I didn't have to go out and spend a fortune to buy new decorations. I was absolutely blown away by what you did in my house in a few short hours. My home is so welcoming and inviting now. It looks so "put together" and balanced. When you left I felt like I had a new home. Can't wait to work with you again!”

— Gina M.

"The place looks awesome :) Thank you so much -- I don't know what I would do without your help! You've been amazing! Excited to see what we do next to the place :)”

— Brant D.