Creating a first impression of your home starts with your landscape...

it's the first thing that greets your guests.  

Gardens are so much more than plants.  The best gardens are decorated and divided up much like the interiors of your home.  Plants play the role of fabrics and color, while elements such as pergolas, fences, gates, and patios help divvy up and adorn the garden, creating special spaces.  

To me, successful gardening is when the landscape showcases the house, and the house reflects the landscape.  

Choosing the right plants for your lawn requires time and thought.  Perhaps your landscape is overgrown and lacks life and color.  I would love to give your landscape a facelift of sorts and share with you my passion for the garden.  


Outdoor Services

Landscaping - All facets

Irrigation - install and maintenance
Exterior Paint - color selection and services.

Container gardening - selection and maintenance services


Hourly Rates
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