COLOR may be your most important furnishing.  

Every homeowner has a personal style but reflecting that throughout ones home is often challenging. You will find it reassuring to have another set of expert eyes, a person that can confirm or guide you with color choices, furniture placement etc. 

Color is so important both Inside and out.  If woven together correctly they become similar to threads in a fabric and the results will be stunning.  I have a true passion for taking the structure of your home and making it come alive with paint.  When all rooms are open to each other as is so often the case in our FL homes, the colors have to be linked as well.  

Clients are often afraid of black but it creates wonderful contrast and crispness in a room.  Let's explore this in your home!

WHAT DO YOU ALREADY HAVE?  One of my favorite tasks is to take what you already own and give you a new look!  From furniture placement to accessorizing, let's start with what you love and if you want to add to it, I offer shopping services in a variety of ways.  


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